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For more than 10 years, ETNO LLC has been providing a wide range of comprehensive services related to environmental protection, construction quality control and industrial safety during the operation of hazardous production facilities. Our list of services is constantly expanding, taking into account the needs of our clients.

Our clients are involved in the implementation of offshore and onshore oil and gas projects, as well as enterprises operating in all sectors of the economy of the Sakhalin Region. We provide services throughout the Russian Far East (Sakhalin Region, Khabarovsk Krai and Primorsky Krai).

The main priority of ETNO LLC is our employees' safety and environmental protection, which is ensured by the implementation of all applicable Russian law, international standards, and client Health, Safety, and Environmental requirements. Our company's management adheres to these principles and supports all the undertakings of employees related to improvements in this area. ETNO LLC has never had a lost time incident, and firmly believes in “Safety First.”

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our services, and to maintain and modernize our fleet of specialized equipment and vehicles. Our employees are true craft professionals. Working with us is a guarantee of a professional approach and a high level of service.

Working with us is a guarantee of a professional approach and a high level of service
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Industrial Safety Expertise
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Transportation Services
Waste Management

We provide a full range of services - collection, transportation, processing, recycling, neutralization and transfer to disposal facilities of more than 900 different types of waste of 1-5 hazard class.

Our transport and specialized equipment for waste management allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive services of varying complexity depending on the needs of a particular client, using the vast experience of work at the largest oil and gas projects in the Sakhalin Region

  • Arrangement of segregated waste collection sites at clients' remote production facilities
  • Collection and transportation of waste from places of origin throughout the Sakhalin Region
  • Transportation of chemical waste to its final disposal location outside the Sakhalin Region
  • Provision of waste containers (tote tanks, big bags, bulk containers, slurry bins, ISO tanks)
  • Disposal of goods and materials placed under the customs regime
Environmental Protection  Documentation Development

ETNO LLC is ready to offer its clients the best form of cooperation depending on the individual needs of each company - from conduct of an independent analysis regarding the state of an environmental protection system, to full environmental support of client activities.

We carry out “turnkey” work: the development, follow-up and approval of environmental documentation with regulatory bodies, as well as the preparation and delivery of all types of reports in this area.

More than 300 clients are satisfied with the work performed by our specialists, and this best recognizes the professional competence of our team.

Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory

ETNO LLC offers its clients a wide range of services in the field of non-destructive testing in the construction and operation of hazardous production facilities.

Our NDT laboratory carries out tests of welded joints, equipment and materials during construction, manufacture, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnostics by using modern non-destructive testing techniques.

We have extensive experience in the inspection, technical supervision, and construction inspection during construction and operation of oil and gas facilities, including offshore and onshore facilities, as well as the preparation of facility and equipment maintenance records.

Our company has a Testing Laboratory Recognition Certificate issued by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, certifying experience and technical competence in relation to testing facilities and technical equipment for servicing ships and drilling platforms.

Highly qualified NDT inspectors of level II and III qualifications are ready to professionally provide a full range of NDT services for testing of reservoirs, tanks, main and technological complex pipelines, including evaluation of the test pieces, parts, and assemblies for compliance with technical specifications, international standards, and design rationales.

Civil Construction Laboratory

The certified and accredited construction laboratory of ETNO LLC is equipped with up-to-date equipment and instruments, taking into account all the requirements of technical regulations, state standards, and other Russian Federation regulatory legal acts, as well as internal client procedures

The follow-up carried out by the construction laboratory allows us to check and verify the conformity of the physical and chemical characteristics of the materials with the requirements of project documentation and technical regulations, as well as to carry out incoming and acceptance inspection of the received materials, manufactured articles and structures:

  • Testing of sand, soil and gravel, mortar and concrete mixes, including fine-grained and cellular concrete, tests of concrete wall stones;
  • Testing of the quality of concrete at the construction site and testing of concrete structures using mechanical non-destructive testing techniques;
  • Quality control of soil compaction.

We have our own mobile laboratories offering our clients an autonomous continuous construction or reconstruction process at all the facilities, regardless of their remoteness.

Industrial Safety Expertise

ETNO LLC provides its clients with a full range of services regarding industrial safety expert evaluation, to assess compliance of facilities with federal legislation and industrial safety requirements in accordance with Federal Law-116 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities”:

  • Documentation for overhauls, retrofits and upgrads, conservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities;
  • Expert evaluation of technical equipment used at hazardous production facilities to extend their operating life, to obtain permission from Rostekhnadzor for use, and to produce duplicates of equipment certificates.
  • Expert evaluation of  documents related to the operation of hazardous production facilities, including an Emergency Localization and Response Plan (RLRP), and Crane Operation Safe Work Method (SWMS);
  • Expert evaluation of lifting devices.

We provide our clients with a full range of services - from project design to approval of the Industrial Safety Expert Appraisal Report with regional authorities of Rostekhnadzor.

Various Industrial Services

Our specialists have proven integrated work experience in the servicing of various industrial facilities, including work on offshore drilling platforms. The most common requested services are carried out during scheduled maintenance work at these remote oil and gas facilities during their shutdowns, such as:

  • Tank cleaning on board ships, oil and gas platforms, and onshore facilities;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of drinking water tanks;
  • Handling of  hazardous materials (transportation, pumping);
  • Various work in confined spaces;
  • Provision of equipment and personnel to ensure the supply of compressed air during confined space works;
  • Provision of personnel for working at height.  

Given the increased risks of such operations, special attention is given to safety and labor protection, as well as to the qualification of our staff who regularly undergo various training (abseiling, first aid, oil spill response, and work in confined space.

Given the specifics of work at hazardous facilities, we use our own up-to-date intrinsically safe explosion-proof equipment for various purposes.

One primary advantage is that we use our own resources to perform the “turnkey” safe cleaning of containers and tanks, the disposal of generated waste, and the technical inspection and non-destructive testing with the issuance of technical reports and preparation of tank certificates

Transportation Services

The main objective of our company in the provision of transportation service is to provide safe and reliable services for all clients.

To this effect, we are constantly working on improving the skills of our drivers, who are professionals with over 10 years of experience. All employees regularly participate in  labor health and safety, road-traffic safety, and professional development training.

We are constantly renewing our fleet of vehicles, including the following types of equipment:

  • Trucks with semitrailers;
  • Crane-beams of various carrying capacity;
  • Dump trucks;
  • Garbage trucks;
  • Suction trucks and sludge pumps;
  • Pickups.

All equipment complies with the requirements of Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 Projects, including the necessary client audits. In order to comply with the safest mode of transportation, all vehicles are monitored by dual control using a backup system of round-the-clock satellite monitoring.

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